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My Story

My path of living a healthier and more meaningful life started when I was pregnant with my first born. I immersed myself in the yogic lifestyle... into learning about and practicing yoga, cleaner eating and living more environmentally friendly for myself, my new family and our planet.

Nine years later and absolutely smitten with mindful living, I completed my yoga teacher training in 2014, after the subsequent births of my second and third child(ren)  and continued on with my personal yoga practice. My only regret was that I had not discovered yoga sooner... the peace, mindfulness and presence would have only brought about greater discovery earlier on. Each birth and child rearing brought about new revelations and challenges. Yet, moving onward and upward I chose to try to help my children discover the yogic path as well. It continues to be a practice and process for all of us; enjoyable and difficult, enlightening and frightening all at once. Not one second of it would I change.

Ultimately, this led me to study massage therapy and craniosacral therapy. I jumped in headfirst, as those who know me well know I tend to do! I graduated from massage therapy school in 2017 yet my continuing education continues. With it has come experience as a homeschooling mama, a healer, a human and a future business woman growing and developing in these challenging times. What I have learned is that learning never ends. I draw from my experiences and mistakes and I find peace in knowing that there is always another chapter in our book.

I look forward to continuing my education. In the very near future I will train in  yoga therapy to complement and integrate what I already know of yoga into a therapeutic practice. I seek to help people of all walks of life whose quality of life is compromised; be it by age, injury, disease, environment, trauma, experience,  repetitive overuse or those who just need to know someone cares and learn to relax. Please know all services and pricing are subject to review and if you desire help and seek a better way, I am committed to working with you.

Shanti, shanti, shanti. Peace, peace, peace,




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